TrustGo Launches New Solution for Mobile Security
at DEMO Spring 2012

Announces World's First Secure App Finder Engine™ (SAFE), a Cloud-Based Service That Provides Prevention for a Wider Range of Mobile Security Threats

Santa Clara, CA. April 18, 2012 – TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security™, officially launches today at DEMO Spring 2012. Unlike traditional PC and desktop-style security solutions which provide only malicious app and virus detection, TrustGo is the world's first mobile security solution that combines industry-leading protection and eradication of a broader range of risky app behaviors, along with prevention through our patent pending Secure App Finder Engine™ (SAFE).

TrustGo Antivirus & Mobile Security is the only solution that can identify, and alert users to inappropriate activity and permissions acquired by apps that can lead to the misuse of personal identity data, privacy intrusions, and data hijacking. Using the app's connection to the SAFE cloud database, apps are categorized as Certified, High Risk, Low Risk or Malicious, depending on the nature of the behaviors detected. To date, SAFE has scanned and classified over 1.5 million apps from the official Android store and over 200 third party app markets.

When users search for apps using TrustGo's Secure App Finder Engine, each version of the app, from every marketplace on which it is available, is highlighted when it comes from a certified site. With the sheer number of mobile apps available, and the ease with which apps can be developed and distributed to unsuspecting users, malware is an increasingly common problem. The main source of malware is the cloning, repackaging and modification with intentionally malicious code in popular apps. These modified apps are subsequently re-distributed through the official Android and various third-party app markets. According to Juniper research, there was a 3325% (30 times) increase in the number of malicious apps available to users in the last 7 months of 2011. Only SAFE can notify users before they download this sort of malware.

"We were really impressed when we first saw TrustGo's mobile app. – a mobile security company focusing on the real needs of mobile security," said Matt Marshall, executive producer of DEMO.

"We are passionate about mobile security. We are here to protect our users and their devices and more importantly their mobile lifestyle. TrustGo is here to help smartphone users realize a truly safe, secure and predictable mobile world" said Xuyang Li, CEO of TrustGo.

In addition to SAFE, TrustGo Mobile Security provides a complete suite of protection, eradication and prevention features:

  • Security Scanner - On-demand or scheduled scans of all the apps on your phone, plus instant scans of new apps you download.
  • System Manager - System tools and reports to manage apps, memory, data usage and more.
  • Privacy Guard - A dashboard view of all the apps with access to your most sensitive data.
  • Secure Web Browsing - Get an instant notification when a site you're browsing is known to be malicious or par t of a phishing scheme.
  • Data Backup - Store a backup copy of your phone's data securely in the cloud.
  • Device Protection - Remotely locate your phone if it is missing or stolen. Lock it, set off an alarm or wipe your personal information.

TrustGo uses proprietary and patent-pending technology.TrustGo Mobile Antivirus & Security is available free in Google Play.

About TrustGo Mobile Security

TrustGo was founded in June 2011 and headquartered in Menlo Park, California. The TrustGo team consists of security industry veterans and is funded by Northern Light VC.

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