TrustGo Mobile Security Turns a Candid Camera on Mobile Device Thieves

New feature helps identify the person attempting to unlock users’ phones

 Santa Clara, Calif., August 15, 2012 – TrustGo Mobile Inc. (TrustGo), a leading mobile security company, announced that it has released a new “Candid Camera” feature in version 1.1.11 of its mobile security application that takes a photo of any person who unsuccessfully enters a locked phone’s password three times. The intruder’s photo is then sent to the registered users’ email address. With the addition of this new feature, TrustGo offers the most comprehensive mobile security solution for Android devices.

TrustGo Mobile Security-Candid CameraEach year, thirty million phones are lost or stolen (source: Asurion), making phone retrieval capabilities a must for all mobile users. TrustGo, which offers the ultimate in Android app security, has added the new Candid Camera feature to an already robust list of anti-theft and tampering features provided – all for free – on the TrustGo Mobile Security app, including:

  • Remote Locate (Find My Phone) — Locate a registered device on a map using GPS and WiFi network connections
  • Remote Lock — Users can disable the device from any Web browser
  • Remote Alarm — Causes the phone to play a loud alarm sound so a user can find it if misplaced
  • Remote Wipe — Gives the user the ability to remotely backup, then delete all the data on a phone to safeguard personal information.

“We want to help users avoid hassle and expense if their phone is lost or stolen,” says Jeff Becker, Head of Marketing, TrustGo. “Our Candid Camera feature has a lot of great uses. It can show you who is trying to unlock your phone without permission or, if your device has been stolen, you can email the thief’s photo and its GPS location to local authorities to help you quickly recover it.”

For a video demo of TrustGo’s Candid Camera feature, please click here. TrustGo’s Candid Camera feature works on any mobile device with a front-facing camera and access to a WiFi or cellular data network. Current TrustGo users can visit Google Play for an update to version 1.1.11, and new users can simply download the app for free.

TrustGo believes that these features are an excellent “insurance policy” against loss and theft, but recommends users take simple precautions to avoid unnecessary problems:

  • Keep your phone out of sight in your pocket or handbag when not in use
  • Set up and enable your phone's security lock code
  • Keep a record of the details of your device in a safe place to help identify it…Write down the IMEI or ESN number found on a label beneath your device’s battery
  • Report a lost or stolen phone to the police immediately
  • Inform your service provider if your phone is stolen or lost

TrustGo continues to add to an industry-leading feature set that provides five levels of mobile security protection for free:

  • App Security- Secure App Finder Engine™ (SAFE) to help users discover safe, certified apps and offers industry-leading detection and elimination of malware and viruses, plus protection against privacy intrusions, data leaks, unauthorized payments and aggressive adware
  • Device Protection— Device location (Find My Phone), remote lock, alarm and wipe
  • Data Security— Cloud backup and restoration of contacts, SMS messaging and call logs
  • System and Expense Management- Storage and memory management, data usage monitoring and alerts to avoid excess data charges
  • Web Browsing Security— Detection and blocking of malicious and “phishing” sites.

About TrustGo Mobile Inc.

TrustGo, a Santa Clara-based mobile security company, provides Android users the freedom and confidence to find, download and use the apps they love, wherever they find them. Dedicated to providing the ultimate security platform for Android smartphones and tablets, TrustGo’s app offers a comprehensive suite of advanced security and mobile device management (MDM) features to the consumer for free. In addition to protecting users against traditional threats such as malicious app activity, privacy breaches, identity leaks, device loss and theft, TrustGo prevents users from downloading dangerous apps through its Secure App Finder Engine (SAFE). TrustGo was founded by web security veterans in 2011. TrustGo is available now on Google Play. For more information, please visit

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