Privacy Policy

Protecting the privacy of our users' entire mobile lives is a core part of TrustGo's mission, and our own handling of your data is no exception. Our approach to data security and the commitments we make are summarized below.

The full, legal details of our privacy policy can be found in Section 10 of TrustGo's Terms of Service.

We commit to:

Give you control over your data.

You provide your data to TrustGo only by choice, and you can remove all personally-identifiable information at any time, without delay.

We'll always let you know exactly what data we're collecting. Where it is possible to provide our service without additional data, you may opt-out of certain data collection features.

Keep your data safe from outsiders.

When you transmit data to or receive data from TrustGo, you're placing your trust in us. We honor our end of the agreement by ensuring the highest levels of security at every step along the way.

Data channels to and from TrustGo are always encrypted, and any data retained in our servers is continuously protected from both physical and electronic intrusion threats.

Use collected data only to improve your experience.

We retain both personally-identifiable and anonymized information.

Any personally-identifiable information is only used to improve your individual experience. This includes providing you with backup and restore functionality, location services, app recommendations, and other useful features. As mentioned above, this data can be removed at any time.

In order to provide better products to our users as a collective whole, TrustGo may anonymize, aggregate, and analyze app usage statistics and other general product information. This information cannot be used to identify individual usage history or habits.

TrustGo never sells your data to third-party aggregators or advertisers. Period.