Security Levels

The TrustGo Mobile Security Labs team works around the clock, analyzing Google Play and hundreds of other app marketplaces worldwide to help you avoid the latest mobile threats. These dangers include not only malware and viruses, but also privacy violations, phishing schemes, and other dangers that traditional PC antivirus vendors don’t catch.

This system of security levels was created to make it easy to understand the level of risk associated with an app.


Secured and approved mobile apps that are from trusted providers and pose no security risk to you or your phone


Mobile applications that may intentionally cause harm to user or user’s phone, such as:

  • Trojan horses
  • Worms
  • Viruses
  • Spyware, etc.
High Risk

Potentially harmful mobile apps that can compromise your security:

  • Create privacy leaks of your personal data
  • Access or modify bill pay systems and make unauthorized payments
  • Steal personal information
  • Monitor or track your mobile browsing
  • Access location data from GPS
  • Hack your mobile phone or exploit application vulnerabilities
Low Risk

Noisy applications:

  • Aggressively push ads and notifications
  • Excessively promote application downloads

Apps in the process of being examined by TrustGo Mobile Security Labs.