Anti-Virus & Mobile Security

Anti-Virus & Mobile Security

Get a powerful app to protect your smartphone from data loss, privacy leaks and viruses.

You'll get an all-in-one app that will keep your mobile life secured.

  • Secure App Search
  • Security Scanner
  • Secure Web Browsing
  • System Manager
  • Privacy Guard
  • Data Backup
  • Device Protection
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AD Detector

Anti-Virus & Mobile Security

TrustGo Ad Detector detects a slew of potential privacy violations and identity leaks.

TrustGo Ad Detector safeguards you from malicious advertising and has the ability to detect ads from over 100 mobile advertising networks around the globe.

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Carrier IQ Detector

Anti-Virus & Mobile Security

TrustGo Carrier IQ Detector will allow you to quickly determine if your phone has Carrier IQ installed.

Key Features:

  • Carrier IQ Detection - Detects the existence and locates the presence of Carrier IQ on your phone
  • Arms User With Information - Allows you to make better purchasing decisions of handsets and network operators
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