Protect your users' mobile world. When you partner with TrustGo, you are connecting with an industry pioneer of mobile security with the highest rated mobile security app on the market. Partnering with us also gives you access to our patent-pending security resources.

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I'm an app developer

Our team will analyze your app and identify security risks, so you can offer certified safe apps to the Android marketplace. After you've published, our technology allows you to track the performance of your app across various marketplaces, and can detect unauthorized repackaging or cloning. We're here to ensure the security of your app!

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I manage an app store

Leverage TrustGo's pre-screening services to scan apps uploaded to your app store, so you can filter out risky apps before your users download them! Establish and market your brand with confidence, knowing your store's collection is completely protected.

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I represent a mobile device maker / OEM / ODM

Increase brand loyalty by pre-installing TrustGo's Mobile Security app, providing your users with built-in data loss protection, plus malware and spyware detection, from day one. We believe in mutually beneficial relationships, and the first step is by offering all-around protection for your devices.

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I represent a mobile carrier

Differentiate your brand from the competition and build user loyalty through value added services . By committing to protecting your users' mobile world, you are providing them with peace of mind. You have a dependable partner in us.

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Other / I need a custom solution

TrustGo Mobile Security ensures safe transactions, whether they happen via mobile websites, apps, or browsers. Our security team can customize a solution for your business on any mobile delivery platform.

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